1. Isola Maggiore

A short, pleasant walk along the coast of Isola Maggiore, an island in Lake Trasimeno. […]

2. The Battle of Lake Trasimeno

In 217 BCE, Hannibal’s troops defeated the Roman legions under consul Gaius Flaminius in one of the major battles of the Second Punic War. […]

3. From Tuoro to the Tower of Vernazzano

An easy, albeit mostly uphill, itinerary climbing from the centre of Tuoro up to the old guard tower of Vernazzano,  […]

5. A ring around Sanguineto

A short walk for lovers of nature and landscapes, winding uphill from the village of Sanguineto to overlook the lake from the hilltop which separates Lake Trasimeno from Val di Chiana […]