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Ruins of the Church of San Leonardo

Street and number Via Guglielmi, Isola Maggiore
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

Half-way up the hill, between the village and the church of San Michele Arcangelo, the ruins of the Church of San Leonardo can be reached, taking a quite short, but rather hidden, path.The building was constructed in 1421 and not much is known about it, except that since 1483 it was administered together with the Oratorio del Buon Gesù.

The dedication is to Saint Leonard of Noblac, a monk and hermit who lived in the sixth century. Throughout the Middle Ages he was venerated as patron of prisoners, having interceded, according to tradition, many times in their favour at the court of Clovis, king of the Franks. The Saint, generally depicted holding chains or manacles, is also painted on the cross in the Church of San Michele Arcangelo.