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Pieve Confini

City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

The ancient complex of Pieve di Santa Maria dei Confini, also known as Pieve Confini, the “Border Parish”, is in ruins. Currently private and in precarious safety conditions, it may not be accessed, although the abse, visible from the outside, is still well preserved.

According to Perugian historian Annibale Mariotti, the complex’s name would derive from its position along the border of the Etruscan cities of Perugia and Cortona. Certainly in Medieval times it marked the borderline of two dioceses: Perugia and Arezzo. The oldest document mentioning Pieve Confini is from the year 1153, a date respondent with the building’s Romanic architecture. Probably, the church was built between around the late eleventh or early twelfth centuries.

The interior is divided in three naves, two at the sides and a higher central one, each ending in an apse. The presbytery is raised above the ground and surmounts the crypt, which is vaulted and supported by a single central column. The column itself is older, having been reused from a Roman building possibly found on the premises.

To reach Pieve Confini from Tuoro, take road 75 bis “del Trasimeno” in the direction of Arezzo-Cortona. After about two kilometres, at Vocabolo Riscovello, turn left on an unpaved road parallel to the main one, and follow it for a few hundred meters.