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Piazza Garibaldi

Street and number Piazza Garibaldi
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

Piazza del Rondò, also known as Piazza Garibaldi, affords a lovely view over Lake Trasimeno. In 1985, the City Council decided, together with two organizations active in the town, AVIS (the Italian blood donors’ association) and AIDO (the organ donors’ association) to erect a monument to donors’ humanity and generosity.

Sculptor Mauro Berrettini was appointed for the task and, on 17 August 1986, the “Fountain of Life” was officially inaugurated, to great popular acclaim. The sculptor illustrates the fertile tension of Nature and Culture, and makes reference to the Naiads: in local lore, a legend tells of a Naiad, a spirit of the waters, who fell in love with the Etruscan king Trasimeno and, escaping from her island, landed in Tuoro. In the monument, Najas, the nymph, is portrayed in the act of giving her island away, as if she were giving a part of herself, a being part water, part land.