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Museo del Merletto

Street and number Via Guglielmi, Isola Maggiore
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

The building, originally the seat of the brotherhood of S. Maria dei Disciplinati, now houses the “Museo del Merletto”, a museum dedicated to lacework. The collection includes some of the most elaborate designs in Irish lace as interpreted by the women of the island in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

On Isola Maggiore, mothers have taught their daughters how to make lace from the olden days to nowadays, when these skilled artisans can still be seen at work in front of their houses in the main street, Via Guglielmi.

The museum is also on the main street, just facing the access to the ferry port. The building itself is medieval, as appears clearly from the interior walls and from traces of fifteenth century decorations inside.



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