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Tower of Vernazzano

Street and number Vernazzano
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

Just after Vernazzano there is a smaller, older settlement, from which one may see a tower, which can only be reached by scampering up a narrow path. The tower is all that remains of a castle set along the western border of Perugia’s territories, along the road which led from the city to the Lake and, continuing on, to Cortona, Arezzo and Florence: a vital artery both economically and strategically.

In 1383, the castle was occupied by the Michelotti clan. To have it back, a few years later, the Perugian authorities had to pay a ransom of 350 scudi. In 1479, the castled was ransacked by troops from Florence.

In the book Trasimenis, written in Latin in the sixteenth century, Matteo from Isola Maggiore already lamented the decline of this community, describing its as diminishing in both wealth and numbers.

The Castle of Veranazzano’s destiny was finally sealed in the middle of the seventeenth century, when a violent earthquake, followed by torrential rains and the flooding of the nearby creek wrecked the village and caused the guard-tower to shift its position and tilt, as can be seen today, 13 degrees on its vertical axis.