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Church of Sant'Agata

The church dedicated to Saint Agatha can be reached from the road climbing up from Tuoro to the Cima pass, two kilometres from the town, just after the parish of Fontine, to the left. Unfortunately, only a few ruins of the apse remain standing.

In the past, Sant’Agata was the parish church of Tuoro, a small, Romanic church probably built in the twelfth century along the same design as the church of San Salvatore on Isola Maggiore. A list of the parishes subject to the Abbey of Farneta near Cortona, in Tuscany, drafted in 1238, includes Sant’Agata, but later, in the early thirteen hundreds, the same parish is listed under the authority of the Bishop of Perugia.

The church was destroyed in the late thirteen hundreds, probably at the hands of one of the many armies and marauders who dominated local history in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, when the castles around Trasimeno were repeatedly under assault during border wars led against the City of Perugia. The building was never rebuilt, probably because the village was by then expanding towards the valley. The role of parish church was thereafter taken by the Santa Maria Maddalena, in the centre of town.