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Church San Michele Arcangelo

Street and number Loc. Santa Lucia
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

The church of Vernazzano is dedicated to both Saint Michael the Archangel and to Saint Lucy, and was inaugurated in 1772. The date marked the foundation of a new Vernazzano, not far from the old castle, which was already in ruins.

The new parish church took its name, San Michele Arcangelo, from the old castle one, links between the two being celebrated in the painting behind the altar. The work was commissioned in 1769 to local painter Anton Maria Garbi. To the top of the canvas, at the very centre, stands Saint Michael, sword raised to strike the Devil who lies prostrate, his head under the Archangel’s talon. To the left and right stand Saint Joseph and Saint Lucy, protector of sight. Below the focal point formed by the Archangel’s body kneels Saint Bernard, in the white garb of his Cistercian Order. In his left hand he holds a chained Devil as with the right he points out the castle of Vernazzano to the warrior Archangel, as if beseeching his attention. Along the lower part of the scene, between Saint Lucy and Saint Bernard, Anton Maria Garbi chose to depict an image of the old village of Vernazzano, perched atop a rock, the old guard tower still perfectly vertical.