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Church San Salvatore

Street and number Via Guglielmi, Isola Maggiore
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

The building is Romanic, dating back to the twelfth century, and is first mentioned in a document from 1238. The lovely stone portal, with its relief of animals and vegetation, dates to the late eleven hundreds.

It was styled on the portal of close-by Pieve di Confini, in Tuoro, sculpted in 1165 for the most important local religious building of the time—though the one designed for the island church is much less imposing.

Of the decoration originally gracing the façade, only a small figure representing an angel (for Saint Matthew) remains, probably one of four such sculptures, symbolising the evangelists, which are customarily arranged around the central rose window.

The entrance is from the central portal or, more often, from a back door. The floor-plan is with a single nave, with a transept and a semicircular abse. Traces of the original decoration are still visible to the top right side of the abse ceiling: the fragment depicting an Angel is all that remains of a fifteenth century fresco, probably an image of the Enthroned Mary.

To the left side, a few pieces have been temporarily placed in a chapel entitled to the Immaculate Conception, including a painted faux-baroque tabernacle and two wooden sixteenth century statues of Saint Francis and of the Resurrection.