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Church San Martino

Street and number P.zza S. Martino loc. Borghetto
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

Perugian historian Pompeo Pellini writes that, in the late fourteenth century, the Council of Perugia issued two orders, one in 1385 and one in 1388, to commence work on the castle and fortress of Borghetto (castrum Burgi novi, the castle of the New Burgh). It is likely that the parish church of San Martino, still in use, would have been built around the same time as the village was being fortified. The following decades saw the completion of the vast triptych and fresco decorating the right side of the church. The focal point of the triptych depicts Mary with Child, next to Saint Lucy. The fresco is probably the work of painters from a perugian workshop and is, in many ways, reminiscent of more notable, and much older, works such as the frescoes in the style of Ambrogio Lorenzetti which grace the Lower Basilica of Assisi. An exemplary motif is the illusion that the paintings’ characters are, or may be, engaging in dialogue with one another. High up on the right wall, a niche protects a canvas by Anton Maria Garbi, the Virgin with Child and a Rose. We know that in 1785 the work was housed in a small chapel dedicated to “Mary of the Rose”, found outside the castle walls on the crossroads leading to the cemetery. Today, a small tabernacle marks the place of the original shrine.