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Church Torale

Street and number Loc. Torale
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno

The original parish church was in the valley, in correspondence of the contemporary settlement of S. Damiano. No trace of the original building remains, wth the exception of an ossuary found on the premises.

On the 23rd of November, 1763, during a visit by the Bishop, parish priest Pasquale Sonnati mentioned the excessive distance separating the church from the priest’s house, and asked leave to build a new church in Torale. All expenses for the building were paid by the priest himself, who sold all his goods to oversee the construction.

Permission to celebrate Mass in the new building came on 6th January 1772. Sadly, by the twentieth century the edifice was so dilapidated it had to remain closed for years. The floor plan is a simple Latin cross, with a single long nave cut by a transept. Next to the entrance, a stone engraving honours the memory of Father Sonnati.

The painting on the central altar, depicting the Virgin Mary in prayer, probably dates to the eighteenth century, while the large canvas to the left, of Saints Cosmas and Damian at the Cross, is from the late seventeenth. The right altar painting is a portrayal of Saint Joseph of Leonessa.