Cultural Heritage

Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza del Rondò, also known as Piazza Garibaldi, affords a lovely view over Lake Trasimeno. In 1985, the City Council decided, together with two organizations active in the town, AVIS (the Italian blood donors’ association) and AIDO (the organ donors’ association) to erect a monument to donors’ humanity and generosity. […]

Piazza del Municipio

Tuoro’s central square is commonly referred to as Piazza del Municipio, Town Hall Square, being flanked by one of the two buildings occupied by the offices of the City Council. […]

Saint Francis’ visit

Saint Francis’ visit to the island is described in his oldest official biography, written in 1229, only one year after the Saint’s canonisation. It mentions a mystical event which would have taken place on the island:  […]