Church Buon Gesù

The church was founded as an oratory for the Brotherhood of Saint Mary, a lay group active as far back as 1341, with the mission of providing to those in need. The brotherhood had its headquarters in front of the oratory, in the building now housing the “Museo del Merletto” (Lace Museum). […]

Church Buona Morte

The church was built in 1576 to serve as an oratory for members of the brotherhood of the “Good Death”. […]

Church San Cristoforo

Despite being administratively in Umbria, this church, named after Saint Christopher, is part of the parish of Montanare, in Tuscany. The church of Piazzano, 310 metres over sea level, is perched on a hill known as Castelnuovo, literally “the new castle”, overlooking the wide expanse of the Val d’Esse. […]

Church San Martino

Perugian historian Pompeo Pellini writes that, in the late fourteenth century, the Council of Perugia issued two orders, one in 1385 and one in 1388, to commence work on the castle and fortress of Borghetto  […]

Church San Michele Arcangelo

The church of Vernazzano is dedicated to both Saint Michael the Archangel and to Saint Lucy, and was inaugurated in 1772. The date marked the foundation of a new Vernazzano, not far from the old castle, which was already in ruins. […]

Church San Salvatore

The building is Romanic, dating back to the twelfth century, and is first mentioned in a document from 1238. The lovely stone portal, with its relief of animals and vegetation, dates to the late eleven hundreds. […]

Church Santa Maria Maddalena

After the church of Sant’Agata was destroyed, the role of parish church was turned over to a small chapel in the peasant settlement below, dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. In 1491 the church was enriched with a baptismal font, which cost the local community a yearly fee of four roosters for the bishop’s table. […]

Church Torale

The original parish church was in the valley, in correspondence of the contemporary settlement of S. Damiano. No trace of the original building remains, wth the exception of an ossuary found on the premises. […]

Church of Sant'Agata

The church dedicated to Saint Agatha can be reached from the road climbing up from Tuoro to the Cima pass, two kilometres from the town, just after the parish of Fontine, to the left. Unfortunately, only a few ruins of the apse remain standing. […]

Church of Santa Maria delle Trosce

Nineteenth-century writer Buattini remarked on the existence of a small church, dedicated to the Holy Virgin, in the old town of Vernazzano. The edifice still stands, its walls almost completely unchanged, a few steps north of the tower, outside the castle walls. […]

Pieve Confini

The ancient complex of Pieve di Santa Maria dei Confini, also known as Pieve Confini, the “Border Parish”, is in ruins. Currently private and in precarious safety conditions, it may not be accessed, although the abse, visible from the outside, is still well preserved. […]

Pieve San Michele Arcangelo

Written down as existing as far back as 1136, the Pieve of San Michele Arcangelo, dedicated to the Archangel Michael, was built at the highest point of the island. In its current form, it dates more probably to the thirteenth century. […]