Cultural Heritage

Campo del Sole

Campo del Sole, the Sun-field, is an open-air museum, a park, an architectural statement and, essentially, an experience. Situated in a spacious field in Punta Navaccia, it is the brainchild of popular artist Pietro Cascella, working together with the sculptor Mauro Berrettini and the Swiss artist Cordelia von den Steinen. […]

Cultural centre

At this cultural centre visitors may purchase books and pamphlets, many of which written in vernacular, on local traditions, stories, recipes, prayers and daily life. […]

House of Capitano del Popolo

Next to the Chiesa del Buon Gesù there is a small edifice known as the Casa del Capitano del Popolo, literally the Captain of the People’s House. The building is in sandstone; its elegantly arched two-light windows point to fourteenth-century, Gothic, origins. […]

Museo del Merletto

The building, originally the seat of the brotherhood of S. Maria dei Disciplinati, now houses the “Museo del Merletto”, a museum dedicated to lacework. The collection includes some of the most elaborate designs in Irish lace as interpreted by the women of the island in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. […]

Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza del Rondò, also known as Piazza Garibaldi, affords a lovely view over Lake Trasimeno. In 1985, the City Council decided, together with two organizations active in the town, AVIS (the Italian blood donors’ association) and AIDO (the organ donors’ association) to erect a monument to donors’ humanity and generosity. […]

Piazza del Municipio

Tuoro’s central square is commonly referred to as Piazza del Municipio, Town Hall Square, being flanked by one of the two buildings occupied by the offices of the City Council. […]

Ruins of the Church of San Leonardo

Half-way up the hill, between the village and the church of San Michele Arcangelo, the ruins of the Church of San Leonardo can be reached, taking a quite short, but rather hidden, path.The building was constructed in 1421 and not much is known about it, except that since 1483 it was administered together with the Oratorio del Buon Gesù. […]

Saint Francis’ visit

Saint Francis’ visit to the island is described in his oldest official biography, written in 1229, only one year after the Saint’s canonisation. It mentions a mystical event which would have taken place on the island:  […]

The Montegualandro fortress

The Montegualandro fortress, perched 450 metres over sea level, dominates the hills west of Tuoro. Nowadays, the entire estate is private and closed to occasional visitors, but remains nevertheless worth a walk around the walls, which afford scenic views over the lake and the plains of Tuscany. […]

Tower of Vernazzano

Just after Vernazzano there is a smaller, older settlement, from which one may see a tower, which can only be reached by scampering up a narrow path. The tower is all that remains of a castle set […]