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House of Capitano del Popolo

Street and number Via Guglielmi, Isola Maggiore
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno
Country ITA

Next to the Chiesa del Buon Gesù there is a small edifice known as the Casa del Capitano del Popolo, literally the Captain of the People’s House. The building is in sandstone; its elegantly arched two-light windows point to fourteenth-century, Gothic, origins.

The name probably echoes its past ownership by some dignitary holding the title of Capitano del Popolo in the civic government of Perugia. The clock was added in the late eighteenth century, at which point there is documental evidence of someone being appointed to its maintenance.

The building was recently refurbished to house a heritage centre: a visit is recommended to anyone wishing to gain a foothold on the island community’s economy, society and culture.