Campo del Sole

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Phone 075825220
Street and number Località Punta Navaccia - Lido di Tuoro
City Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Campo del Sole, the Sun-field, is an open-air museum, a park, an architectural statement and, essentially, an experience. Situated in a spacious field in Punta Navaccia, it is the brainchild of popular artist Pietro Cascella, working together with the sculptor Mauro Berrettini and the Swiss artist Cordelia von den Steinen.

Begun in the summer of 1985 to be completed in late 1989, Campo del Sole is formed by 27 columns, intricately sculpted, arranged along a spiral. At its centre, a table sculpted by Pietro Cascella with the symbol of the Sun refers to the possibility of meeting at the heart of things, to presence and warmth. Ideally, this is the culmination of a meditative walk along a double spiral.

The rising columns rhythmically pull the gaze towards verticality, into space, as if this were a kind of contemporary Stonehenge. Rather than being a monument to something or someone, Campo del Sole is a celebration of possibility, chance, difference, serendipity, encounter.

Open to the public, without walls, tickets or barriers, it asks to be walked in every day, in contemplation of the passing of time, of the brightness of the sun, of the past and the future of the Mediterranean cultures and shores.



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