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Water Fountain


At this public water fountain, still and fizzy refrigerated water is available at the only 5 cents per litre and a half. The service is open every day from 7 AM to 11 PM.

At night, while closed, the system is automatically cleaned and sanitized. The water is the same as that distributed in every house, through the city aqueduct, but is enhanced via three treatments aimed to improve its taste and organoleptic properties. The smell and residual taste of chlorine dioxide are removed, and the water disinfected with UV rays to ensure it remains free of micro organisms.

This public service is designed to promote awareness around the topics of drinkable water and environmental sustainability. By reducing the use of bottled water, we reduce plastic waste and slow down pollution. Drinking water from the public distribution system is a healthy, “green” choice which does away with the need to transport commercial bottled water long-distance on the highways and, consequently, lowers CO2 emissions.

This project is a small, but significative, step for Umbra Acque, the Region, and City Councils, towards fulfilling their public service missions by ensuring the local community has easy, cheap access to healthy, clean public water, through a low-cost, environmentally-friendly service.