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Borgo Sanguineto

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Phone 3393947267
Street and number Località Sanguineto
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Zip code 06069

Apartments obtained restructuring an old, not more used stable in a little country-town’s centre called “Sanguineto”, so called because its name reminds to the bloody-battle in 217 a. C. between the Roman army and Hannibal.

Today the zone is considered a natural beauty, in which there is a traditional agriculture based on olive-tree and grapevine. The flats have been polished using materials and techniques belonging to ancient traditions, but adopting all the modern comfort’s measures, each one has an autonomous, independent heating with liquid gas with a boiler, which is outside the flat, and has its own electrical system.

We have apartments with one or two bedrooms, more dining room with sofa bed, little kitchen, one or two bathrooms, balcony and garden. You can choose also the historic tower, an independent property for two persons.

A big balcony with a veranda and a private garden complete the habitable part throwing it toward the outside to allow the integration to the surrounded landscape and to enjoy the wonderful panorama on Trasimeno Lake. To the guests disposal there is a swimming-pool of 6x12 meters with beautiful panorama.