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An epic battle

The Battle of Lake Trasimeno marked a turning point in the Second Punic War. It was dawn, on the 21st of June 217 BCE, when the Carthaginians, led by Hannibal, defeated the Roman troops under the consul Gaius Flaminius. The landscape around the lake is itself an open-air history museum: visitors can follow a trail, informed by the work of historian Giancarlo Susini, which winds along the scenery of the epic battle between Rome and Carthage. […]

GeoGuida, a self-guided digital tour

This App for iPhone and Android guides visitors along two walking and cycling itineraries, around the sites of the Battle of Lake Trasimeno.


Five walking and cycling itineraries touching major points of interest in the township of Tuoro sul Trasimeno: from the site of the ancient lakeside battle to the quiet of Isola Maggiore.

Isola Maggiore

Isola Maggiore is the only island of Lake Trasimeno to be currently inhabited. The village is a traditional fishing settlement, dating back to the fourteen-hundreds, nowadays attracting nature-loving tourists with its tranquil, timeless atmosphere. 

The Way of Hannibal along the Phoenician’s Route

The Way of Hannibal is the main overland itinerary along the “Phoenicians’ Route”, a Cultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe tracking the immaterial heritage of the Mediterranean.

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Photographs of monuments, points of interest, and captivating landscapes in the vicinity of Tuoro.